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Dope Blankets

A Mushroom In Wonderland Weighted Blanket

A Mushroom In Wonderland Weighted Blanket

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Introducing our "A Mushroom In Wonderland" Weighted Blanket, designed by Rob from Portland. This blanket features a giant checkerboard pattern with a giant mushroom in the foreground, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Rob leveraged mycelium networks in the design to stimulate your brain and create a cozy and magical experience. Get comfy and enter the whimsical world of mushrooms with this Dope Blanket.


Designed to suit all body shapes and sizes. This blanket size is ideal for chilling on the couch.

Weight: 12 lbs
Hight: 72"
Width: 42"

Care Instructions

Spot clean or machine wash separately in cold water on a delicate cycle. Use a mild detergent. Do not bleach or use fabric softener. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly to hang dry until fully dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

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Rob, the artist behind our weighted blanket, sits outside under a tent on a sunny day in Portland, Oregon. He wears a jean jacket and a hoodie, with glasses on.

Meet the Artist Behind the Blanket

Rob is a multi-talented artist hailing from Portland, Oregon. With a passion for exploring the intersections of nature and psychedelia, Rob's designs are both whimsical and profound. For the "A Mushroom In Wonderland" weighted blanket, Rob drew inspiration from his personal experiences with plant medicine and the interconnectedness of all things. He believes that his art has the power to heal and bring peace to those who engage with it, and he hopes that this blanket will do just that.

  • designed by artists

    Designed with exclusive, original artwork by emerging artists who get 10% of each sale

  • machine washable

    Easy to care for and can be washed at home in any standard washing machine.

  • plastic free

    These blankets are designed to be kind to the planet using natural materials.

  • quality guaranteed

    We stand behind the quality of our blankets and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • vegan

    made with 100% vegan materials, making them a compassionate and ethical choice.

Therapeutic benefits of deep pressure stimulation

The Benefits

Weighted blankets can improve sleep, relax the mind, and reduce anxiety. The gentle pressure provided by the weight of the blanket has a calming effect, helping individuals fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Weighted blankets can also alleviate stress and promote feelings of relaxation. They may be especially helpful for those with sensory processing disorders, providing a sense of security and comfort. Overall, weighted blankets offer numerous benefits for sleep, relaxation, and well-being.

The Materials

Our weighted blankets are made with the highest quality materials to ensure ultimate comfort and durability. The outer layer is made with a breathable, soft fabric that will keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. The inner layer is filled with eco-friendly glass beads, which are evenly distributed to provide gentle, even weight. The beads are encased in small pockets to prevent them from shifting and bunching, ensuring a smooth, even feel. And when it's time for a cleaning, our weighted blankets are machine washable for easy maintenance. In short, our weighted blankets are the perfect combination of comfort, sustainability, and ease of care.

The Science

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation, which has been shown to increase levels of melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine, while reducing cortisol. This can lead to improved sleep and reduced anxiety. In addition, art has been shown to decrease anxiety and increase feelings of relaxation. Our weighted blankets provide both physical and mental benefits for a sense of overall well-being.

The Design

Our weighted blankets are carefully designed to provide even weight distribution, activating pressure points across the body to improve sleep and relaxation. The inner layer of the blankets is filled with eco-friendly glass beads, which are evenly distributed in small pockets to ensure a smooth, even feel. The weight of the blankets is carefully calculated to provide gentle, nurturing pressure that promotes a sense of calm and well-being. So not only are our weighted blankets stylish and visually appealing, but their design is also scientifically proven to improve sleep and relaxation.